Passocannone appears an intense ruby red color, clear, brilliant, and consistent. It has a heady vinous fragrance in which can be distinguished fruity aromas and barely perceptible undertones of rosemary, eucaliptus and autumn flowers.


Roasted or grilled meats, peppered Pecorino cheese, piquant cheeses, stockfish "alla messinese", fish soup or mixed grilled fish.


The vineyard is native Nerello Mascalese grown in guyot spurred cordons.


Passocannone attended the International Wine Challenge (IWC) held in London in 2011 by getting a medal as quality wine recommended. He has participated successfully at Vinitaly 2011 and other competitive tastings like "CONTRADE DELL’ETNA" getting the title of one of the 3 best wines of Etna Nord.


The vineyard undergoes only strictly necessary treatments against Late blight and Powdery mildew (oidium). We do not use herbicides or insecticides. The land is worked with a tractor equipped with a special attachment to remove weeds, these have a tendency to thrive in volcanic soils. Chemical fertilizers are not needed on volcanic Etna soil and are not in any case used in the Passocannone vineyard to comply with the rules and regulations of organic colture.

Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel containers maintained at a controlled temperature not over 30°C for 6 days and with a final "soft" pressing. The vinasse is sent to the distillery, while the fermented must is kept in stainless steel containers until it reaches malolactic fermentation. After this the wine is transferred in other stainless steel containers and not in barriques because this would make the already excellent Passocannone similar to many barrique treated wines.

Passocannone is suitable for wine collectors for lengthy conservation which should be stored at temperatures below 18°C. The alcohol content of Passocannone can vary between 13,5 and 14% vol. according to the year.


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